About Us

Girl ExtraOrdinaire is a leading manufacturer & distributor of fashionable bridal robes, apparel and trendy bridal novelties and accessories. Girl ExtraOrdinaire was founded in 2002 by best friends and has been the largest supplier of casual bridal apparel and novelties since its inception. 

Girl ExtraOrdinaire is located in Gardena, California. While we do not have showroom, we do allow in person pick ups for our local customers. We supply our embellished wholesale bridal party attire to large companies and the smallest of specialty boutiques. We are happy to design new fashion attire, create private label products and apparel or customize your designs upon request.

If you are an established bridal shop or clothing retailer we are excited to have you become one of our valued customer. Please complete our registration page or contact us for more details.

Benefits of becoming Girl ExtraOrdinaire retailer

    ·   Low starting Minimums - No minimum after first order
    ·   No Item Minimums 
    ·   Drop Ship Capabilities with no Drop Shipping fee if qualified
    ·   Quality Product Assurance, Service, Selection
    ·   Fast Order turnaround
    ·   Easy online ordering option


If you are an established bridal boutique or an apparel retailer please register Here